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Boundary Surveys

At Shilts Land Surveying we work with property owners of private or commercial land to help identify property boundaries.  A boundary survey describes, monuments, and locates the boundary lines of one or more parcels of land.  The basis of a boundary survey is a legal description of record – most often the current deed of record.  A map called a “Plat of Survey” is created to show all client requested information that was developed and mapped by the boundary survey.  Types of land issues that may require a boundary survey include:


Boundary Identification

  • Buying or selling a property

  • Property line disputes

  • Accurate determination of parcel acreage or water frontage

Maps showing compliance with local government regulations

  • Building setback lines for new home construction or home additions

  • New fence or landscape construction

  • Locating and sizing outbuildings

Maps showing land encumbrances or encroachments

  • Location of existing easements of record

  • Location of existing fences in relation to boundary line

  • Location of existing utilities or other improvements

  • Location of other forms of trespass evidence (field cultivation, lawn mowing, tree stand location, etc.)

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