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Shilts Land Surveying

2092 15th Avenue

Cameron, WI 54822
Cell: 715-651-5476

Based in Cameron, Wisconsin. Serving Barron County and the surrounding counties.

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We are often asked, “What will a property survey cost?”

Costs depend upon many conditions, such as:

  • Availability and adequacy of property records

  • Previous surveying monuments and maps

  • Difficult terrain, heavy foliage, and difficult access

  • Statutory procedures and regulatory compliance

  • Inclement weather and seasonal conditions


So the answer is – “It Depends!”   Every survey is different and we give Free Quotes for each request.


Prior to contacting us you may wish to have some information available such as:

  • What is the legal description or do you have a copy of the deed for this property?

  • What is the property address of the property you wish to have surveyed?

  • Do you know of or have any existing maps of the property or adjoining properties?

  • What is your anticipated time frame for the survey? (some review procedures may take months)

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